Where gold dances on water…

Everywhere we’ve been fortunate enough to photograph during the golden hour, be it at canyon edge in the American Southwest or here, on the Italian Riviera, we’re fueled by a wonderful flood of emotion, wonder and discovery.


Where Gold Dances on Water…  Vernazza, Cinque Terre, Liguria, Italia

During those glorious moments, amber shafts of radiance penetrate the edge of night like the glancing strike of an archers arrow.  We are gifted this light not once, but twice each day.  At the dawn, darkness goes azure, then gold, and finally white – and we are reminded to make each day count.  At dusk, white goes gold, azure, and to darkness again, and we have recompense.  We have all heard it said that “Time flies.” But, can one actually sense the passing of time, feel its motion, reckon its transformation?  Why ‘yes’ I’d say. What better way to prove this theorem than to behold the break of dawn… or edge of night.  Watch as gold dances on water.  See light discover shadow. Be awoken by color — vibrant and alive.  In the blink of an eye God’s palate evolves across those precious minutes, never to be replicated in the exact.  A theatre ever different, alluring and wonderful — at the rise and fall of nature’s daily curtain.

There is proof of life… where gold dances on water.

Early Light…


“Fishing… The great occasion when we may return to the fine simplicity of our forefathers.” ~ Herbert Hoover

Rise before the dawn. With mariner skills taught by his elder, fertile waters are found. There is laughter, recollection, renewed hope and perhaps bounty enough to support family another day.

– Santa Margherita Ligure, Genoa, Liguria ~ Italia

An age-old riddle…

Darkness before light, or..?

What came first – the chicken or the egg? 

Step back and ponder this age-old riddle.  Humans, being the arrogant entities we are, think there must be order, reason and purpose to all things.  At the birth of this quandary, the real mystery may be — is light the absence of darkness? Probably, but must darkness exist next in universal order?  Or, could darkness be first?  First we must assume, or hypothesize, the source of light as we perceive — is eternal.  Then, to hypothesize further, second in order, matter that is absolute and absorbing of all light must exist — from which to cast, third in order — a shadow of pure darkness.  After all, given there is eternal light, how can darkness exist unless there is something else stronger, more resolute even — that light can not penetrate or exist beyond. So, is light the chicken in this analysis?  The egg, darkness perhaps, or simply the matter that absorbs light so fully as to cast darkness away from the light?

Conclusion: Any Chicken or Egg hypothesis relies on an infinity of previous hypothesis.  I found that this is actually a statistical phenomenon known as the “Look-elsewhere effect.”  I am no closer to understanding.  I did mention this was an age-old riddle…

“Olde world shadows…”. San Gimignano, Toscana, Italia

~ The Photographer

You Will Never Regret It…

“Let A Horse Whisper In Your Ear And Breathe On Your Heart. You Will Never Regret It…”
~ Author Unknown

Full of curious courage, a Weanling Paint comes in for a closer look… 

The photographic medium has, as an impactful side effect, the ability to open the mind’s eye of the practicing artist to new wonders, passions and pursuits.  We’ve long known of this characteristic.  It’s likely a major reason why the medium continues to develop in popularity and technical application.   It is certainly why I love making images.

This effect was never more profoundly felt than during last Autumn photographing in Kentucky’s thoroughbred horse country.  We’ve been exposed to horses off and on our entire lives, so what happened in Kentucky this time that made it so different?  Why then?  Why there? A cause perhaps; is there a mellowing of our attitude and outlook on life brought by advancing age, time and experience?  Was it the season of Thanksgiving? Was it the chill in the air? Was it the simple inspiration that came with being witness to the beauty of Kentucky’s rolling hills and fence lined pastures – still green with winter rye?

Or.., was this newfound passion to explore the horse as one of God’s most magnificent and artful creations an epiphany, a moment of clarity felt as we made images of last year’s foal’s – now weanlings, romping playfully together in the brisk morning air?

All of the above I think…

This is why I love photography.  It brings discovery.  I will never regret those November mornings – because in those moments this wonderful creature laid it’s breath upon my heart.

Calumet Farm ~ Lexington, Kentucky
November, 2017

It is not the mountain…

Hiker reaches the Terminus of the Fire Wave Trail – Valley of Fire State Park, Overton, Nevada

Mountaineer Sir Edmond Hillary was the first man documented to reach the summit of Mount Everest.  Born a New Zealander in 1919, by his twentieth birthday he’d  accomplished more wildly courageous feats than most humans amass in a lifetime.  Throughout his days as a Second World War volunteer aviator,  reaching both the North and South Pole overland, climbing Everest, serving as New Zealand’s High Commissioner to India and Bangladesh, or his selfless philanthropic venture in Napal – The Himalayan Trust, Hillary faced and defeated countless life challenges.

While searching the mind and our archives for an appropriate year-end post, it occurred to me that as 2017 comes to a close, formidable challenges face many in our family, be they blood relative or friend.  There is severe illness, uncertainty, discord and hardship that seem insurmountable.  While the final outcome of individual struggle may not fit our idea of a perfect world result, it is possible to manage our expectation so as to minimize our own stress and to stay vigilant and able to set an example of strength, caring and love.  Hillary believed we need only look within ourselves for strength, and to pray for an extra measure of courage.  He realized he was not alone, that there need not be fear of the unknown, that countless others had passed the same test before – that God, family and friends are all around to remind us that within ourselves lies immeasurable, still untapped strength.   The unknown will become known – and understood.

So, as 2018 approaches, reach deep within.  Reach the terminus of your trail of challenge and then walk back… Because now you understand the unknown.

And remember…   “It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves…” 
~  Sir Edmond Percival Hillary

Come sit in contemplation…

It’s day two for this blog thing…

Behind the facade of any website featuring photography there will exist a stack of photos its visitors never see.  Like a small archive, we stuff edited photos there hoping to post some thought where word matches light and color sooner than later.

Light and Color in our Virtual Gallery

Then, there’s the infamous virtual gallery for you, our virtual visitor.  Unlike public galleries, the museums, their rooms with walls – but no furniture save the occasional contemplation bench down the middle, the virtual gallery is where we yet undiscovered artists are forced to hang our work. The virtual gallery visitor usually sits in contemplation – while surfing a device of various design…

It should be noted however that we’d rather display in a real showplace where our visitors would stand in contemplation – unless they could find an empty bench…

So, we’ve been invited to do a Virtual Gallery Exhibition… by ourself, at our own expense, on our own website.  We’ll keep it to the point…  Gallery

Please consider sharing and thank you for visiting!

With warm regards,



A new year and other stuff…

It’s time to change life again.  To let our minds eye see a new horizon…

San Gimignano Floats in the Mist of Dawn…

2017 was a year of happy, but also, sad times.  We saw the addition of a beautiful grandchild into our family, an increase in the exposure and compensation we receive for our work, and we finally became an orphan – with the loss of my Mom.  The year brought us to a crossroads of decision regarding the balance between our volunteer efforts and spending time concentrating on what makes us most happy; creating fine art.

So,  our goal in the new year is to find opportunities to expand our creative side, travel to new lands abroad and domestic, spend more quality time with those we love and to share more of our art and word with the introduction of this blog.  With this platform, I’ll post a few thoughts, perhaps daily, along with an image that made us feel something significant about life while it was being created, very much like I have for years on Facebook and Flickr.  It is truly a social experiment and I have no magnanimous expectation, preconceived notion, etcetera, regarding how these digital ramblings will be received…

Friends, thanks for visiting our imagery and associated narratives, and commenting like you have over the years –  and further, for attempting to understanding why we feel compelled to share.  I’ll always appreciate and openly welcome your comments.  Please don’t lurk in silence.  What are friends for?

With warm regards…