About Us

For over forty-five years, we’ve been blessed with an artistic vision based on the photographic medium. Our work has enjoyed publication and a few awards over the years.  We’re experienced in Fine Art, Candid Portrait, Landscape, Urban/Street, Commercial and Automotive Photography.  We are simply infatuated with the photographic art form and will always seek ways to improve, tell a story and hopefully offer insight and inspiration via our work and word. Our focus primarily leans toward photo-art and we incorporate landscape, urban/Street imagery (both domestic and abroad) to tell our stories.

As the Covid-19 Pandimic developed resulting in the limitation of travel opportunities, we also retraced some of our youthful years in woodworking. It was my Grandfathers profession. Having made a space specifically for this purpose in our new home, we are creating custom furniture and turned wood projects. Especially important to us is the use of live-edge lumber which lends an especially rustic and naturally beautiful element to the finished work. We will feature some of our work here as time permits.

On the business side, we provide photo-documentary services for the Commercial Electrical / Lighting Contracting & Construction Industry.    If you have interest in discussing a commission, or or would like to own a print in metal, paper or canvas of any image you’ve seen here, please reach out to me at the ‘Contact us at’ link. We invite you to visit our portfolio sites as well. Links to view more of our work are found in this Blog Menu.

We would like to invite you to follow this blog. My site host, WordPress, makes that process very easy. Just follow the prompts found on the right side or bottom of each view/page. Followers receive an email notification each time we publish a new post.

Thank you for your interest and please enjoy your visit!

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