What a way to go… [Great Blue Heron –– Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge, Florida]

While Mother Nature’s food-chain plan is necessary for the perpetuation of life itself, it is nevertheless capable of producing the most brutal of spectacles. A multitude of thoughts flood our mind as we view this photograph now. Yes, many more than when it was first composed and captured. For sure, we are grateful to be where we are in the grand plan this image displays.

So then, we suppose there’s a concept we could explore, a question to be asked: “Life –– in it’s fullest sense, what will our role be? Shall we lead, or be led? Shall we strive to be different, outspoken, or get lost in the mainstream? Shall we stand up, or sit down?”

Will we be preditor or prey?

We think it best to maintain the outlook of the Great Blue Heron. While it’s intention is simple survival, this great bird employs all it’s senses, all it’s God-given talent to thrive, every moment of every day. In reality, this wonderful creature becomes for us, an unusually great role-model.

Perhaps then, when crossroads come and we choose future pathways, let us set our perspective toward the next chapter –– as the heron, not the herring.

After all, should we not strive to be all we can be? There is but one alternative.

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