Just another morning, or..?

Another morning, like most others for a Florida late Autumn day. Nothing special, until we look deeper and consider how distressing life has been for so, so many this entire year. This sunrise is how we were greeted when we stepped out our front door the first dawn after Thanksgiving –– perhaps as a reminder to keep giving thanks, to do better today. There was warmth at the horizon, azure blue heavens with tiny whimsical clouds dancing about and birdsong in the brisk air. The master artist and creator was at it again, every day, with a welcoming outlook –– given in nearly every venue on earth, reminding us of our responsibilities. On this morning it was silently spoken to set our day’s pace to. Did we heed the message?: “Carpe Diem.”

Our view at Sunrise. If there’s a lesson to learn, did we sieze the day?

Did we make the best of the 24 hours this message was meant for? Did we redefine our outlook, our expectations, and commit to being better, more caring individuals. Did we really sieze the day?

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