“A River Cuts Through Rock…

Not because of it’s Strength, but because of it’s Persistence” –– The Narrows, North Fork of the Virgin River, Zion National Park, Utah

Looking for a bit of inspiration this morning as an elder family member is struggling with life itself. My Mother-in-law’s health has taken many turns, generally downward, over the last ten years, but that path is is rapidly steepening in the past days. Every day seems to bring more unfortunate news. It has fallen on her eldest daughter, my better half of the last 46 years, to serve as loving surrogate for all matters both health and personal since her father’s passing some years ago. In these past years, “Mom” has become totally reliant on her eldest for all matters. She essentially makes no important decisions any longer. It is all to easy to see this happen from afar and make assumptions about how matters should be handled when the loved-one can no longer fend for themselves. Decisions are difficult, fast approaching and frustrating to make. And oh boy, what about hospitals and emergency rooms? All factors aforementioned are exacerbated by a healthcare system still in turmoil regarding policy when the word “Covid” is even mentioned. There seems to be no equity of policy execution, and access to the loved-one and the hospital staff by the surrogate is essentially cut off when needed the absolute most. Make no mistake, no one knows more about the proper care and support an invalid shut-in loved-one requires than their surrogate. So, the patient suffers more than necessary. Stress on the surrogate goes viral. One-solution-fits-all hospital staff becomes indignant and self serving, essentially shutting down the two-way process of getting a patient better and ready to leave the hospital. Stress spills over into sidelined family. No one wins.

This morning, we turned to the internet seeking inspirational quotes to divert some fret and worry. One such quote jumped up and hit home. We’ve been there. We’ve seen this process of nature work. We respect the eons of time involved. Yes, we’ve observed it’s raw beauty, listened to the rush of water, walked in the cool river waters, felt the chill in the air, and looked to the heavens to really grasp how long it takes…

Found on Caring Bridge, a well established online support system for caregivers and family (the author will remain annonymous) were these thoughts… “A river cuts through a rock, not because of it’s force, but it’s persistence. Remember to be the River!” And if this wasn’t profound enough for me, this caregiver wrote even more: “The only easy day was yesterday, just accept it. Whenever things get worse, you persevere with enthusiasm, your work is holy and the effort is what counts. No matter what happens, you are never out of the fight and you never quit. Success is the only option although success changes its goals daily. Always find a way, often it takes unorthodox thinking, dedication, and quick thinking. Everything is about State of Mind. Divide goals into smaller segments. Take a moment to celebrate each successful segment and accomplishment. Healthy habits build a healthy mind. Healthy minds build healthy people. Going through something hard builds mental calluses, so that when life throws you something hard, you are better prepared for it. Struggles with adversity builds character and helps your heroic attributes.”

I am now speachless…

Thinking of you Love…

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