An Urban Study…

Or, “The alleyways of Italy…”

I’m trying to avoid wordiness in this post as my intent here is to simply celebrate a tiny piece of our urban experience in Italy. In these first days of 2021 I’m again thinking alot about our upcoming travel to the northern reaches of the country, specifically the Lombardy Region. 2020 was to be the year we would pull off an almost two-years in the making plan to focus on the Lake Como area and further north into Switzerland. But… enter Covid. Plans Cancelled. Unbelievable!? Fortunately, our cash deposits were honored for dates postponed into this year, but that did little to repair the disapointment of lost opportunities and so much worse, the loss of friends we’ve experienced as the fateful year passed by. We’ll start over in the coming months, with hight hopes, even though the evil virus continues. Our fingers are tightly crossed!

Longing for a return to Italy fuels much of my inspiration to write and share here. Browsing our archives for work to share in this post, I’ve selected several urban scenes in and about Tuscany and along the Italian Riviera. From the alleyways of the tiny hilltop village of San Gusmè to the metropolis of Firenze, to the streets and piazza’s of romantic Siena, ancient Volterra, Pisa and those colorful villages clinging to the cliffs over the Ligurian sea, this is typical urban Italy. Rain or shine, humanity is getting about, eating, shopping, enjoying the sites and simply emerging themselves in the moment. You’ll witness both socialization and solice. Not disrupted by captions, these pieces serve to encourage and fuel hope, keep the creative juices flowing and our determination strong. I hope you’ll feel the warmth of spirit in these images. Perhaps a few are recognizable. Imagine.., find a desire to be in these scenes yourself and then –– join us in keeping the dream alive!

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