A new year and other stuff…

“It’s time to change life again.  To let our minds eye see a new horizon…” –– the Author

San Gimignano Floats in the Mist of Dawn…

This was a year of happy, but also, sad times.  2017 saw the addition of a beautiful grandchild into our family, an increase in the exposure and compensation we receive for our work, and we finally became an orphan – with the loss of my Mom.  The year brought us to a crossroads of decision regarding the balance between our volunteer efforts and spending time concentrating on what makes us most happy; creating fine art.

So,  our goal in the new year is to find opportunities to expand our creative side, travel to new lands abroad and domestic, spend more quality time with those we love and to share more of our art and word with the introduction of this blog.  With this platform, I’ll post a few thoughts, perhaps daily, along with an image that made us feel something significant about life while it was being created, very much like I have for years on Facebook and Flickr.  It is truly a social experiment and I have no magnanimous expectation, preconceived notion, etcetera, regarding how these digital ramblings will be received…

Friends, thanks for visiting our imagery and associated narratives, and commenting like you have over the years –  and further, for attempting to understanding why we feel compelled to share.  I’ll always appreciate and openly welcome your comments.  Please don’t lurk in silence.  What are friends for?

With warm regards…


2 thoughts on “A new year and other stuff…

    1. Richard, thanks. As I continue to pursue exposure, I’m hoping this avenue will help. While I’ve said it many times, the caliber of your work combined with your position in our medium takes our breath away and humbles us when you recognize our efforts. Here’s to your new year and to the best of creativity in your imagery!


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