Come sit in contemplation…

It’s day two for this blog thing…

Behind the facade of any website featuring photography there will exist a stack of photos its visitors never see.  Like a small archive, we stuff edited photos there hoping to post some thought where word matches light and color sooner than later.

Light and Color in our Virtual Gallery

Then, there’s the infamous virtual gallery for you, our virtual visitor.  Unlike public galleries, the museums, their rooms with walls – but no furniture save the occasional contemplation bench down the middle, the virtual gallery is where we yet undiscovered artists are forced to hang our work. The virtual gallery visitor usually sits in contemplation – while surfing a device of various design…

It should be noted however that we’d rather display in a real showplace where our visitors would stand in contemplation – unless they could find an empty bench…

So, we’ve been invited to do a Virtual Gallery Exhibition… by ourself, at our own expense, on our own website.  We’ll keep it to the point…  Gallery

Please consider sharing and thank you for visiting!

With warm regards,



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