You Will Never Regret It…

“Let A Horse Whisper In Your Ear And Breathe On Your Heart. You Will Never Regret It…”
~ Author Unknown

Full of curious courage, a Weanling Paint comes in for a closer look… 

The photographic medium has, as an impactful side effect, the ability to open the mind’s eye of the practicing artist to new wonders, passions and pursuits.  We’ve long known of this characteristic.  It’s likely a major reason why the medium continues to develop in popularity and technical application.   It is certainly why I love making images.

This effect was never more profoundly felt than during last Autumn photographing in Kentucky’s thoroughbred horse country.  We’ve been exposed to horses off and on our entire lives, so what happened in Kentucky this time that made it so different?  Why then?  Why there? A cause perhaps; is there a mellowing of our attitude and outlook on life brought by advancing age, time and experience?  Was it the season of Thanksgiving? Was it the chill in the air? Was it the simple inspiration that came with being witness to the beauty of Kentucky’s rolling hills and fence lined pastures – still green with winter rye?

Or.., was this newfound passion to explore the horse as one of God’s most magnificent and artful creations an epiphany, a moment of clarity felt as we made images of last year’s foal’s – now weanlings, romping playfully together in the brisk morning air?

All of the above I think…

This is why I love photography.  It brings discovery.  I will never regret those November mornings – because in those moments this wonderful creature laid it’s breath upon my heart.

Calumet Farm ~ Lexington, Kentucky
November, 2017

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