An age-old riddle…

Darkness before light, or..?

What came first – the chicken or the egg? 

Step back and ponder this age-old riddle.  Humans, being the arrogant entities we are, think there must be order, reason and purpose to all things.  At the birth of this quandary, the real mystery may be — is light the absence of darkness? Probably, but must darkness exist next in universal order?  Or, could darkness be first?  First we must assume, or hypothesize, the source of light as we perceive — is eternal.  Then, to hypothesize further, second in order, matter that is absolute and absorbing of all light must exist — from which to cast, third in order — a shadow of pure darkness.  After all, given there is eternal light, how can darkness exist unless there is something else stronger, more resolute even — that light can not penetrate or exist beyond. So, is light the chicken in this analysis?  The egg, darkness perhaps, or simply the matter that absorbs light so fully as to cast darkness away from the light?

Conclusion: Any Chicken or Egg hypothesis relies on an infinity of previous hypothesis.  I found that this is actually a statistical phenomenon known as the “Look-elsewhere effect.”  I am no closer to understanding.  I did mention this was an age-old riddle…

“Olde world shadows…”. San Gimignano, Toscana, Italia

~ The Photographer

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