Where gold dances on water…

Everywhere we’ve been fortunate enough to photograph during the golden hour, be it at canyon edge in the American Southwest or here, on the Italian Riviera, we’re fueled by a wonderful flood of emotion, wonder and discovery.

Where Gold Dances on Water…  Vernazza, Cinque Terre, Liguria, Italia

During those glorious moments, amber shafts of radiance penetrate the edge of night like the glancing strike of an archers arrow.  We are gifted this light not once, but twice each day.  At the dawn, darkness goes azure, then gold, and finally white – and we are reminded to make each day count.  At dusk, white goes gold, azure, and to darkness again, and we have recompense.  We have all heard it said that “Time flies.” But, can one actually sense the passing of time, feel its motion, reckon its transformation?  Why ‘yes’ I’d say. What better way to prove this theorem than to behold the break of dawn… or edge of night.  Watch as gold dances on water.  See light discover shadow. Be awoken by color — vibrant and alive.  In the blink of an eye God’s palate evolves across those precious minutes, never to be replicated in the exact.  A theatre ever different, alluring and wonderful — at the rise and fall of nature’s daily curtain.

There is proof of life… where gold dances on water.

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