It’s a New Day!

A New Day – Mesa Arch, Canyonlands National Park

Wow, it looks like we’ve had a three year break since our last entry here! Much has transpired since February of 2018 for Sandi and myself that has kept our creative side a tad bit subdued. We’ve moved to the country, stepped up our care for our last living elder and said our final goodbyes to all the others — I believe that’s how life works though.

Our original motovation for creating this site was primarily to expand our presence as a photographer. Well, some of that remains, but more importantly now, we are seeking to find an avenue free of destraction, hatespeak, politics and censorship. Here, we can share our art and accompanying thoughts without all the bull striking us square in the face that we get when we login to the most widely accepted social media site(s) we’ve shared our work on over time. We want you who’ve so graciously and with kindness toward us along the way — over there, to feel welcome over here, for the few moments you might spend checking in on our work and thought.

We’ve always appreciated your expressions of friendship, partnership and love, as well as your comments when motivated, on our art and musings. If you found us here after receiving an invite and have chosen to follow us via email notifications we promise not to be overbearing or judgemental. This place is for fun, comfort and inspiration. We do ask tha you please click the comment link, say hello and let us know your thoughts and reactions to our sharings. “Like” if you care to also, but we are really interested in what you have to say. Your thought helps us. It opens our mind’s eyes. If we can see the world through that of others, our own mind opens to wider vistas, wider values, greater understandings and enlightenment.

There exists in life, the chance to share ourselves on a deeper level than the shallowness of political opinion. While nations will forever falter under the habitual frailties in the humans whose goal it is to rule them, we suspect the rest of us humans simply crave freedom to pursue our dreams — and all that entails.

We think it’d be nice to just share, deeply perhaps, Inspirations in Light and Color… Welcome aboard!

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