The Hunt…

Dawn of a new day…

A Tri-colored Heron at roost ahead of another day on the hunt –– Merritt Island Wildlife Refuge, Brevard County, Florida

Just musing away the the early hours… Not a lot on our minds other than to admit we’re hunting for a few hours without responsibility and obligation today. We arose to bit of dawn mist now burnt off to bright sunshine with only a whisp of white clouds dancing above. The air is crisp and birdsong abounds. Fish are crashing the calm surface of the lake, themselves already well into their daily hunt for sustenance. Old Glory is fluttering in the breeze on the floating dock. Coffee is hot, bold and satisfying. A perfect day. And “Red” is more ready than I –– to find some peace in a day on the open road, shared with good friends in remote olde Florida places…

Off we go –– on the “hunt…”

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