God saw the light, and that it was good…

There are places on our planet where the sun never rises for months. Not even a little. Actually, every winter above the Arctic Circle there is no sunrise from November to January. Conversely, there’s no sunset from late April to late August. But in either case, winter or summer, the sun is never far from the horizon, above or below. In September, the peaks that rise from the Arctic Sea are illuminated by a Sun that is never more than 20 degrees above the southern horizon as polar night will begin 6 weeks hense. At best, only dusk light fills the northern sky, even at noon. Cloud cover is dense. Our small ship plies the super-cooled waters north of Lofoten. Those who brave the damp chill of Arctic wind on open decks, cameras held close and under wraps, await any showing of light –– more than ambient. This is not a dream. This is real, the beginning even. This is a very, very old show. This is the Day and Night written of in the book of Genesis, Chapter 1, Verses 4 and 5.

“…and God saw the light and that it was good.”

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